Acupuncture and Relaxation

Can Acupuncture help me relax?

Acupuncture and relaxation go hand in hand. Nearly everyone who has had any form of acupuncture treatment will report that the overwhelming experience was that of deep relaxation and well-being. Even though the treatment may not have been given for a stress related problem a feeling of relaxation is welcome and beneficial.

Many illnesses arise because of stress which builds up because we are not aware we are suffering from it. Aches and pains, particularly in the neck, shoulder and upper back start because we are tensing our muscles constantly due to this stress that we are unaware of. Eventually these tensed muscles start pulling ligaments and bones out of their normal alignment and eventually cause pain and distress. Often an illness itself causes stress on internal organs that may already be functioning below normal, setting up a vicious cycle whereby healing is impossible.

Thus, in any treatment program, it is important to include some stress reducing therapy so that the healing process can occur unhindered. There are many methods of reducing stress and inducing relaxation such as meditation, massage, herbal treatments and massage. It is advantageous that acupuncture treatments provide relaxation as well as relief from the symptoms of any presenting complaint.

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