About Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been in use for many thousands of years and is a form of ancient Chinese medicine. The procedure involves the insertion of fine needles into the skin at certain points which lie along meridians.

This ancient medicine is based on an energy, or life force, called Qi (chee) which flows along meridians (channels) throughout the body. If Qi cannot flow freely or becomes blocked this gives rise to illness. Needling restores the flow of Qi and therefore restores health. It is not always possible to produce the desired result in one session and at least three treatments should be administered for full effects.

Before any treatment with acupuncture a full consultation including medical history will be taken. The first session takes up to 1 ½ hours and subsequent sessions 45 minutes. Following the consultation a set of points for treatment will be selected and needles inserted and left in place for 20 minutes. Other complimentary treatments may also be included such as cupping or gua sha. Naturopathic advice will also be offered as this is an important part of the healing process.

Acupuncture can help a great many conditions, particularly pain, and in all cases leaves the patient feeling relaxed and calm with reduced stress levels. As stress is a large factor in illness, acupuncture can be highly beneficial.

Conditions aided by Acupuncture (a full list of conditions supported by research is on the home page).

  • headache and migraine
  • chronic pain, including neck and back pain
  • joint pain
  • dental pain
  • post-operative pain
  • post-operative nausea and vomiting
  • allergies, including hay fever and eczema
  • fatigue
  • depression and anxiety
  • digestive disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • infertility and menstrual disorders
  • insomnia